About Xenia

Welcome to Xenliving! 

I created Xenliving to make a positive difference in  women’s  lives. We women so many times can easily neglect ourselves and I would like to change that. 

I learned about self care from my mother at an early age.  She used to say to me ” When you are feeling down, buy a new lipstick, get something new, smile. ” I did, believe me I did and it helps,  but as I grew older and wiser,  I realized it goes deeper than that. In order to grow and evolve we must look deeper.  In Oriental medicine, I have found a profound way of helping women take care of themselves at the root and on the branches and leaves. 

That is where we have the opportunity to evolve and grow. 

I support women by designing sessions to meet them where they are in their journey,  to nourish , to address body, mind & soul.

Sessions balance stress, manage pain and address your health concerns through acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, moxa, nutrition & lifestyle choices. 

I  am motivated to work  with patients who come invested and intentional with their healing- may it be a physical injury, a degenerative condition, emotional trauma, migraines, PMS or just wanting to take a preventative approach to your health and wellness.

Our  lifestyles make it difficult to prioritize our health, to allow time to be still,  to get clear, nourish our energy, mind and soul.

I create space for you. You come in,  share what is important to you in your life, what you want to address, then we set some clear intentions and design a treatment plan to get you there. More important,  get you feeling good and empowered!


Xenia (pronounced sen-ya) is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist with a Masters in Oriental Medicine from AOMA School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, TX. She has nine years of experience treating patients dealing with chronic pain, neck, back pain, headaches, migraines, TMJ, fybromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, PMS & stress management. 

Xenia has a passion for helping people and making a positive impact in the world. Since childhood, she was inspired by a strong, self sufficient women in her family especially her mother, Maria.  She also watched her Honduran grandmother, Locha help those in need and feels compelled to continue this legacy.   

She has since envisioned extending a helping hand to those ready to work as a team to empower themselves. She’s  also a wellness coach from Sanoviv Medical Institute with training in an integrative nutritional approach to healing. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and French. She is a wife and mother of a wonderful 1 year old. She loves music, dance, travel and learning from others. 

NCCAOM and Texas Medical Board certified.