Good nutrition plays a critical role in everyone’s health and is especially important for children because they are constantly growing, from before birth into adolescence. USANA makes it easy to ensure that your family- in all stages of development- gets nothing less than the best. I began taking USANA supplements upon graduating with a Masters in Oriental Medicine back in 2010. After 5 years of studying and working full time I was physically, emotionally and financially depleted. In addition, in clinic I saw a pattern of nutritional deficiencies in the majority of patients including me.  I knew that the key to true health and empowering my clients was through lifestyle and nutrition. Since then I have been taking the Cellsentials daily along with other optimizers that cater to my needs. Partnering with Usana Health Sciences  has been one of the best decisions I’ve have ever made. These full spectrum top of the line products have supported my cellular and organ functions from back then into becoming a first time mom at 44 and now raising a son who I want to be there for in a healthy vibrant way!


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