Acupuncture Services

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Needles are as thin as your hair, safe and disposable. Most of the time you won’t feel them. This is your time to heal, let go and relax. 

Get Started!

  • Initial Consultation:  Consult and acupuncture session lasts 1.5 hrs. Please come with comfortable clothing if you can, ready to relax &  allow for your body to heal. We will take time to get to know you, your concerns and priorities. It’s about setting your health vision into motion. $95.00
  • Let’s continue- Follow up sessions of an hour: We catch up and treat our main concern but adapt to current events.  $70.00
  • Package of 4 sessions of 1 hour: $240.00
  • Package of 10 private sessions of 1 hour: $500.00

Please note you need to fill out and complete new patient forms and indicate your main concerns and health history.

Cupping allows for better blood flow to tissue that is tense and tight. It also help lower inflammation and detox. 
  • Fire Cupping Session: session is just focused on cupping. Fire cupping session lasts 30 minutes. Oil is applied to your neck, back and shoulders and then we proceed with therapy. It is very relaxing allowing your muscles to relax, let go and detox! $45.00

You can add these to your acupuncture session for a fee: 

Cupping Fee:  $25.00 (We use other type of cups which we can uses with needles and during acupuncture session).

Ear acupuncture for weight support and smoking cessation: $10.00 

Herbal Consultation:  $40.00 plus cost of herbs

Herbal refill fee: $10.00 plus the cost of herbs

Facial Acupuncture Session- 1st session and consultation –this session will last 1.5 hrs and will focus on body constitution to nourish your body and skin inside and out and local points on facial areas of concern to bring more oxygen flow and increase collagen production.

Facial Rejuvenation

Fine needles are applied to increase blood flow to your face and also help your body produce more collagen internally. It’s all about aging gracefully and naturally!

Please note you need to have at least 6 sessions to make an assessment, but that does not mean you will not see results like more suppleness and more a more natural healthy glow in your skin. I love that modality really addresses being and feeling beautiful from within. We can also discuss other supplementation that can support your health and beauty goals.

Cost: 1st session of 1.5 hrs is $159.00

Facial R. Follow up sessions: $129.00

6 Session Package: $645.00



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