My story

My work as a healer started early! I was 7 years old. Looking back, I was already being prepared for what I was meant to be in the world. I love guiding others to find their joy and their light.

In my case, I was born into a well to do family in Honduras, Central America, having all the comforts and opportunities. The problem- the marriage and my home was broken. My father suffered from mental illness and my mother traveled most of the time, so I was raised and spent most of my time with the nanny. I felt alone and neglected emotionally is some ways. My mother would always try to make it up with gifts and I remember thinking, “she thinks she can buy me”.

As I got older, she included me in her travels and soon my eyes opened to the reality of how hard she worked for me; to provide the best material things and school opportunities. This is how she knew how to love. 

My mother has been an entrepreneur her whole life & was escaping, working away her pain and loneliness to deal with the disappointment of her failing marriage. One afternoon, when I was seven, I told her to leave my father and she listened! Mind you this was in 70’s conservative Central America and divorce was not common and my mother had 3 young kids.

In the picture above, we both are happy as can be. This picture was taken in Houston. TX and soon after she left my father and Honduras after 10 years of verbal and sometimes physical abuse. My sister was 2 and my brother 3 months old.  

I am so proud of her, her courage to create a new reality for her family. She was able to leave behind her beloved country, her successful business, her family, & only support system. In addition, she only spoke Spanish! She left all the familiar for an opportunity for her children to have some normalcy and a bright future.

The duress and demands took a toll on her. She gained 100 lbs and almost had a stroke. In spite of it all, she would smile at life and not give up. I instinctively motivated her to take care of herself, I would walk with her out in our neighborhood and encouraged her to lose the weight, get a boyfriend and move forward. I was 7 years old. Now in my forties I realize that I was always meant to help others grow, evolve and improve their lives through their own empowerment. By allowing and respecting me as I child and showing me by example she empowered me in ways she does not know.

I am grateful to now serve my community as a guide in their healing may it be physical or emotional.

By the way- My mom Maria, did re- create a new life, much better that you could ever imagine. She chose a wonderful loyal, healthy husband and father to us. We lived all over the world and had amazing experiences. My family now lives happily in Austin Texas. I live with mine in Plano, Texas.